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As a customer with Graphcard your account is activated with the internet card (optional). This means that your account is given an account number and a security code. The cost of the card is $19.99 and is available from resellers and the representative of Graphcard. The card will be sent to you by the postage of your choice after you have paid. Please note that THE INTERNET CARD IS NOT A CREDIT CARD, you cannot use it to make online payments. It is your access / membership card that assigns an account number and a security code to you.

Postage methods are Ems #1700, ABEX #850, Registered post #300, Ordinary post #150 (ABEX you pick up from their office in your area).

With your Graphcard a/c you can convert the fund in your a/c to Visa debit cards, send western union, bank wire, cheque, money order. Please note that all methods of payment attract a fee.

The visa cards have different denominations and are NON RELOADABLE. To generate a visa card, click on the “create visa account” at the top of your account balance page. The visa card takes 1-7 working days to be sent to your account. You can register the visa card under your virtual box address to get a billing address. The change left in your visa card can be roll over to your Graphcard a/c.

Graphcard also gives you the opportunity of having a USA Virtual box office address and phone No with voice mail. The virtual office has three schemes, the Aluminium plan comes with $14.99 activation fee, plus first month fee of ($4.99). Making the total start cost requirement to be $9.99 silver, Gold, and the Platinum (detail price can be found on Graphcard.com).The cost of the virtual office is charged monthly while the US phone cost $94.80 annually.

For online shopping without using a credit card, you can try the Graphcard Personal  shopper plan.
Just place your order and it will be done for you for a small fee.

How to Fund your Graphcard account?

Graphcard.com is a merchant of VTN, so that means when you logon to your Graphcard.com account,
click on My Account button--->then click on Add Funds, then finally select VTN option, you can transfer funds to your Graphcard account from your VTN account instantly! (The conversion is automatic and it's instant).

It's important to keep the following in mind:
a- Exchange rates can change at anytime without prior warning.
b-Graphcard uses the Bureau-D change exchange rate in Nigeria.
c- Your VTN and Graphcard email must be the same.
d-Your VTN account must be funded first as described below under section 2 below.
Once your Graphcard account is funded, Graphcard places you on the International platform instantly.
On Graphcard you can do just about anything from creating virtual visa account or sending a check to a merchant and many more.


=============== Below are the options available to add funds to your VTN account:
Below is our account with Bank PHB
Account Name: VTNetwork LTD
Account No: 6020013484

Option (1 Recommended at this stage) You should visit any Bank PHB Branch and deposit cash into the account of VTN as specified on your VTN account Once fund is deposited at Bank PHB, logon to your VTN account and click on "confirm deposits made at the bank"
Enter the amount, receipt/teller number
Make sure you enter teller number. Also make sure you enter the correct amount.
If you had deposited N5000 and you enter N50,000 your account funding will be delayed or not funded at all until you contact support.
Also do not enter the Naira sign (N) Please expect your account to be funded within 24hrs (2)Purchase VTN electronic pin from VTN approved resellers


The Global Errands Team.



Activation fee

Prepaid visa accoun

Load value between $10 -19$



Prepaid visa accoun

Load value between $20 -24$


Prepaid visa accoun

Load value between $25 -49$


Prepaid visa accoun

Load value between $50 -99$


Prepaid visa accoun

Load value between $100 -199$


Prepaid visa accoun

Load value between $200 -299$


Prepaid visa accoun

Load value between $300 -399$


Prepaid visa accoun 

Load value between $400 -500$


We reserve the right to lower or increase  the activation fees without  warning.

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